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'Whoever entered the pool was made well.'

The Wonderful Healing of WATSU®

  "I received a WATSU® treatment from Carol and cannot understate the level of relaxation as well as healing it offered me. There is nothing in the world that can compare to being weightless with healing movements being applied at the same time. My suggestion is for anyone who is looking to release tension or is carrying emotional memories that this is a therapy that can bring a change in your self-awareness. I was moved, touched, inspired and transformed!" ~ Steve K.


WATSU® was born when the idea of water and Zen-shiatsu were joined.  The result is a beautiful aquatic body therapy that brings healing on every level of a person's being.

WATSU® is performed one-on-one in a warm pool.  The receiver is "floated" by the practitioner.  The receiver is supported at all times while being taken through gentle stretches, rocking and pressure point massage.

Warm water alone, brings about relaxation, but when combined with the techniques of a skilled practitioner, the healing that occurs is profound.


Anyone with anxiety, stress, depression
People struggling with chronic pain such as Fibromyalgia, joint or muscle pain, myofacial pain syndrome, post mastectomy, arthritis
Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Expectant mothers --- mother and child float together
People with special needs such as Autism, MS, Paralysis
One woman with Fibromyalgia expressed to me, "The only time I am pain free is when I am in warm water."

Basic watsu movements encourage healing on the physical, mental and emotional level.  It encourages decreased muscle guarding and tension, increase in range of motion, decrease in pain, reduces stress and anxiety.  It improves body awareness, sleep patterns, energy, reduces fatigue.

  "I found the WATSU® a tranquilizing and nurturing experience. My body was supported in the water and stretched in such a gentle manner. It is very different than a massage. I highly recommend the treatment and especially for those who enjoy water and gentle stetching with assistance. Heavenly! "  ~Kim R

WATSU® receivers have often described the experience as "like being in the womb".  In a world that is full of frenetic activity, pressure, isolation, this hour is like a sanctuary of safety and nurture.  It is a time to just "be" instead of "do".  There is a total void of expectations.  There is only unconditional acceptance.

This environment opens the way for healing.....mentally, physically and emotionally.  People such as Veterans with PTSD are able to reconnect to a place of peace and calm in a way that was impossible before.  They can let go of negative emotions such as anger and depression.

"It was like a combination of yoga, massage and water ballet.  My headache is gone.  It was absolutely phenomenal.  I will convince everyone they have to do this!" ~ Gail H

Some receivers come to a point where they are able to enjoy the more advance techniques of "Waterdance" where they are taken under the water for short periods of time.  This exercise in trust results in an even more profound "womb-like" healing and freedom.

"I wanted to tell you.....the WATSU® treatment left me practically pain free!  Thank you!" ~

Katie D

WATSU® is honored and practiced throughout the world.  As far as I know I am one of only two Practitioners in Pennsylvania listed by my governing body, on the official directory:

WE HAVE OUR OWN BEAUTIFUL, PRIVATE POOL where you can receive your session in 94 degree water! Sessions in your own pool can also be arranged.

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